How to Signup with Meeting Roomz

Published by: Admin User
Published on: 17-11-2023

Meeting Roomz Signup Process:

Signup Link:

Complete the form with all mandatory information

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address (Your Login Email)
  4. Dial Code: Select your country
  5. Password: Choose a strong password

Proceed by clicking on “Register”


Once details are filled properly, Email address is required to be verified.

The system delivers a One Time Password (OTP) to the given email address.

  1. Please enter the code here
  2. Click on Verify

If Code has not been received within five minutes please try to resend by clicking on link “Resend”


  1. Setup your organisation
1- Company Name (Mandatory Field)
2- Website Address, please add https:// or http:// before the site actual address.
3- Street Address
4- Select Country from the list 
5- Phone number
6- Tax ID or add 0000
7- Billing Contact Name & Email address
2-Muti-Sites Setup:

Here you can setup your sites. You can add multiple sites

  1. Select the type of your site from the drop down list, Whether it is a HQ, Regional office or Branch
  2. Enter the Site Name
  3. Click on “Add”

This will allow you to add another site within the organisation which you have setup in previous steps

Site Address: Please uncheck the box if the site address is different than the organisation address 



3-Team Setup

This feature allow you to add team members, If you don’t have any other team member to manage the sites / listing you can Skip this step.

To invite your teams:

  1. Provide email address
  2. Role
  3. Select the site which you have added in Step-B
  4. Click “Invite”  and you can repeat same steps if there are more than one team members